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OceanFit’s podcasts dive head first into open water swimming, ocean swimming, lifesaving and water safety

Swim The Whitsundays – 2021 Tours

Immerse yourself in the exquisite waters of the Whitsunday Islands, cruising from one picturesque island to the next on your live-onboard tall ship, swimming at secluded bays, along white sand beaches and around tropical islands.

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Andre meets the (un)ordinary people of the open water swimming and water safety community, onshore, to talk about their adventures, lifestyle and passion for the offshore.

To kick off the podcast, join Andre, Jules and little Bailey as they make the most of an opportunity of the times by travelling from Melbourne to (hopefully) Cairns. Along the way they’re calling into open water swimming groups and meeting swimmers from the open water community to hear and share their stories.

You’ll meet the characters of the open water up and down the east coast of Australia, including; the determined, the trail blazers, the crazy, the extraordinary and the completely (un)ordinary.


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Join Andre to expand your knowledge and develop your swimming skills in the ocean and open water. Learn from the pro’s at OceanFit and the industry experts, and be inspired by swimmers who have conquered their goals.

This is the premier podcast for ocean swimmers, open water swimmers, triathletes and lifesavers.


Coming summer 2020