ONSHORE Podcast: Ep #022 – Balmoral Socially Distanced Swimmers


Date: 18 July 2020
Interview number: 022
Interviewees: Balmoral Socially Distanced Swimmers (Sonia Renwick, Mandy Hewitt-Park & Carryn King)
Venue: Balmoral Beach, Balmoral, New South Wales


We met up with three of the Balmoral Socially Distanced Swimmers, Sonia, Mandy and Carryn at Balmoral on a glorious Saturday morning when the beach was basking in a golden sunrise.

As you might expect from the name, this group of swimmers got together as an open water swimming crew when COVID-19 closed their local pool. They’d kinda known each other at the pool, but it was mainly “hi’s and bye’s”, but after a suggestion to switch to the open water proved a success, they’ve never looked back and their friendship is as strong as ever.

We talked about the switch from the pool, how nervous they were at the start and how important it is to be a strong role model for your daughters.

Listen to snippet



A little snippet

In this snippet from the full podcast interview, Sonia, Mandy and Carryn talk about the first nervous open water swim they did as a group and how Sonia might have tricked the others into thinking she was all over it.



Group Details

Name: Balmoral Socially Distanced Swimmers
Location: Balmoral Beach near the baths
Meeting times: Regularly as organised
Contact: Turn up, spot the crew and ask if you can join them

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