ONSHORE Podcast: Ep #001 – Bay Open Water Swimmers


Date: 12 June 2020
Interview number: 001
Interviewees: Bay Open Water Swimmers
Black Rock Yacht Club, Half Moon Bay, Melbourne


For the very first interview of our inaugural podcast, ONSHORE, we met up with a super hardy bunch of open water swimmers from Black Rock, in the Bayside area of Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne.

Suzette Sutton, Rob Wilton, Peter Hendricks, Julie Slattery, Yvonne Mooyman and Anja Ahale are part of the Bay Open Water Swimmers group and had just been for their weekly Friday sundowner swim. Andre spoke to them around a table outside the Black Rock Yacht Club.


A little snippet

In this snippet from the full podcast interview, we asked Julie to talk us through the recovery she was experiencing after having just finished a one hour swim in 10-degree water.

It sorts gives you a high actually, in some ways, because you’re so cold, you almost feel a little bit drunk

Group Details

Name: Bay Open Water Swimmers (Black Rock Yacht Club Swimmers)
Location: Black Rock Yacht Club, Half Moon Bay, Melbourne
Meeting times: Regular weekly swims all-year-round include: Friday Night Sundowners @ 6pm DST (summer) & 5pm EST (winter), Saturday 8am and Sunday 9am
Contact: Visit the  Bay Open Water Swimmers Facebook group

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