ONSHORE Podcast: Ep #037 – Townsville Mermaids


Date: 8 September 2020
Interview number: 037
Interviewees: Townsville Mermaids (Julie, Jodie, Collette, Pete and Carolyn)
The Strand, Townsville, Queensland


We met up with the Townsville Mermaids for a unique swim along the Strand under the cover of pre-dawn darkness to witness the Ocean Siren lit up in all her glory.

After the swim, we enjoyed slice baked by Julie and talked about how the Mermaids got started, their regular routine and what they most enjoy about open water swimming. We also got to hear about the early days of the Magnetic Island to Townsville swim from Carolyn, including what it was like swimming in a cage!

Listen to an audio snippet


A little snippet

In this snippet from the full podcast interview, we learn more about the ‘Ocean Siren’ we swam around, including how its come to be there and what causes it to change colour.




Group Details

Name: Townsville Mermaids (and Mermen)
Location: The Strand, Townsville, Queensland
Meeting times: Various times, normally as arranged
Contact: Ask around at the Tobruk Memorial Baths and you’ll find a group member

Swim group listing

View the Townsville Mermaids Swim Scout listing here.

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  1. such a fun interview. It was nice meeting you and your lil family.
    Cheers from one of the mermaids

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