ONSHORE Podcast: Ep #031 – Noosa Turtles


Date: 13 August 2020
Interview number: 031
Interviewees: Noosa Turtles 
Noosa Heads Main Beach, Noosa Heads, Queensland


We met up with the eccentric blokes of the Noosa Turtles for a swim and interviewed the gang in a cafe just around the corner on Hasting Street. As we sipped away on our coffees, we talked about the group’s heritage, their unique ‘policies’ and how swimming is keeping them young. We also talked about their community support initiatives, their annual investment ‘competition’ and the importance of having a social support network as you get older.

Listen to an audio snippet




A little snippet

In this snippet from the full podcast interview, we hear how the Turtles came to be, including the ‘strict’ group ‘policies’ that guide the tight membership of 20 turtles.



Group Details

Name: Noosa Turtles
Location: Noosa Heads Main Beach, Noosa Heads
Meeting times: Daily, 8am
Contact: Blokes are welcome – women are too fast for them ;). Just turn up and ask for the group (there is a women’s group on the beach too)

Note: There is another group at Noosa called the Swimmin Wimmin, see listing for more information.

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  1. Really enjoyed this podcast Noosa Turtles! I didn’t know about you guys sponsoring Children learn to swim, that’s wonderful! Pretty cool that you acknowledged The Swimmin Wimmin and friends, we have so much in common Re the cameraderie and joy of Ocean swimming. Maybe we can do a combined swim one day, we’ll give you a start haha. Well done everyone 👏