ONSHORE Podcast: Ep #032 – Bargara Ocean Swimming Group


Date: 15 August 2020
Interview number: 032
Interviewees: Bargara Ocean Swimming Group (Dave, George, Andy & Wayne)
Boat Ramp / Basin @ Kelly’s Beach, Bargara, Queensland


We met up with the Bargara ocean swimming group for a swim and then we chatted with Dave, George, Andy & Wayne. George founded the group, so we heard about the early days and how the group has grown over the years. Amongst a great discussion about ocean swimming in the area, we also tackled the ‘elephant’ in the room, or rather the ‘crocodile’ in the room, as we’d hit central Queensland and there were a lot more marine creatures keen to knock us off! It wasn’t all about the nasty critters though, as we found out about some of the awesome experiences swimmers have up in these tropical waters.

Listen to an audio snippet




A little snippet

In this snippet from the full podcast interview, Dave talks about swimming along with little pilot fish tucking in close, a very cool experience for many of the locals, plus, does the same thing happen with suckerfish?




Group Details

Name: Bargara Ocean Swimming Group
Location: Bargara, Queensland
Meeting times: Saturdays @ 7.30am, at either the Boat Ramp or the Basin at Kelly’s Beach depending on wind
Contact: Turn up and ask for the group

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