ONSHORE Podcast: Ep #035 – North Mackay Sinkers


Date: 29 August 2020
Interview number: 034
Interviewees: North Mackay Sinkers Masters Swimming Club (Dan and Sue)
Mckay Rowing & Kayaking Club, Pioneer River, Pleystowe, Queensland


We met up with Dan and Sue from the North Mackay Sinkers Masters Swimming Club for a very different type of open water swim… this one was in a weir in the Pioneer River, west of Mackay. Dan promised there were no crocs in this area, but Andre couldn’t help but take that as “There’s a 99% chance there are no crocs here”. It turned out to be a pleasant swim, accompanied by Sue on a SUP and a coffee after in town alongside the blue river (one you really don’t want to swim in).

During the chat we talked about crocs (of course), the open water swimming scene in Mackay and North Queensland, and what masters swimming is all about.

Listen to an audio snippet


A little snippet

In this snippet from the full podcast interview, we tackle the elephant in the room – crocodiles! – with Andre asking Dan and Sue where it’s safe, and not safe to swim up in this part of the country, as well as whether they can ever be 100% certain there aren’t crocs in the water…




Group Details

Name: North Mackay Sinkers Masters Swimming Club
Location: North Mackay and locations in North Queensland
Meeting times: As organised for open water
Contact: Visit their Facebook page and enquire online

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