ONSHORE Podcast: Ep #021 – Bondi Salties (Henry & Frank)


Date: 17 July 2020
Interview number: 021
Interviewees: Bondi Salties (Henry Meagher & Frank Vargas)
Bondi Beach, New South Wales


We met up with Henry and Frank (the one with the Venezuelan accent) of the Bondi Salties in Bondi while the surf pumped 8-10 foot on nearby Bondi Beach (definitely no swimming).

The ‘Salties’ are a younger-skewed ocean swim group in Bondi that started in 2013 and are everything you’d think a young group of Bondi swimmers would be… think tanned, washboard abs, a great social media game, and a melting pot of members. During our chat, we talk about the ‘business’ of the group, the traditions and the magic of swimming on world-famous Bondi Beach.

Listen to an audio snippet



A little snippet

In this snippet from the full podcast interview, Andre quizzes the guys about whether it’s a requirement to have an Instagramable ‘hot bod’ to join the group!




Group Details

Name: Bondi Salties
Location: Northernmost beach ramp, North Bondi, New South Wales
Meeting times: Fridays at 6.15am
Contact: Visit the Bondi Salties Facebook page and website

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