ONSHORE Podcast: Ep #012 – Merimbula Merpeople


Date: 5 July 2020
Interview number: 012
Interviewees: Merimbula Merpeople
Mitchies Jetty, Merimbula


We met up with group ‘leaders’ Micheal and Michelle, and the Merpeople at Mitchies Jetty for our first NSW ocean swim, a coffee and a chat.

We talked about how the group splintered from the Bar Beach Swimmers (not in a bad way), how small regional communities are so close and how swimming brings them even closer, and the joys of swimming.

Listen to snippet


Quick swim location check… will it be The Eagle or Mitchies?
The lake looks almost tropical…

The Eagle – the primary meeting point for the Merimbula Merpeople
View from the wharf, a regular swim location from main beach

Micheall Rodda – Group Captain

Swimming in the lake, beautiful clear water but 2 degrees cooler than the ocean
The stingray was ‘this big’
Micthies Jetty – location B (for windy days)


A little snippet

In this snippet from the full podcast interview, the group talks about creating better stories for each swim and tell the tale of ‘shark boy’ that really had the ‘wow’ factor and was worthy of legend status among friends.




Group Details

Name: Merimbula Merpeople
Location: Merimbula, meeting at the ‘The Eagle’ (statue) in Ford Park, Merimbula Beach, or Mitchies Jetty, depending on conditions
Meeting times: Regular weekend and weekday swims by appointment (organised via Facebook group)
Contact: Visit the Merimbula Merpeople Facebook group

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