How the Melbourne Cup is like an ocean swim

Today we have the race that stops a nation, and as much as we’d like it to be the Pier to Pub, Bondi To Bronte or Jetty To Jetty, it’s the Melbourne Cup.

It’s actually a super busy time of the year for me, as when I’m not teaching ocean swimming, I work in the racing and sports betting industry.

It’s an odd mix (pun intended), but it keeps the dream alive.

When you think about it, racing in the Melbourne Cup is actually a lot like an ocean swim event.

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The ocean swims calendar is starting to come alive as we move into November.

Have you decided on your early season swims yet?

If you’ve been swinging the arms over during the off-season, you’ll feel confident taking on the longer distances, but if you’ve been slack, then maybe use one of the popular 1km swims to warm up into it.

Why you shouldn’t swim after it’s rained

Ever hear the warning ‘don’t swim after it’s rained’?

That’s because the rain runs off our paved streets directly to the ocean via the network of stormwater drains, canals and rivers every city has, carrying with it all the nasties accumulated along the way. Then there’s the periods of heavy rain… when water management authorities may decide to ‘bypass’ the sewerage system and release effluent directly into waterways!

The major problem is permeability.