Relax and keep your head down

From a pure swimming point of view, when you transition from the pool to the ocean, your technique shouldn’t change.

All the fundamentals of the front crawl/freestyle technique remain the same.

Any additional ocean swimming techniques we add on to be more efficient in the open water and waves, need to be integrated as seamlessly as possible.

If you find yourself fighting the water, and using up energy quickly when you’re ocean swimming, then look first at these two potential symptoms.

How to swim your best at the Cole Classic

The Cole Classic is Sydney’s favourite ocean swim and the first ocean swim for most ocean swimmers that come through OceanFit’s programs due to its timing after the new year festive season and the festival atmosphere created by the organisers.

If you’ve been holding off participating in your first ocean swim then there is no better opportunity than the Cole Classic. It’s perfect timing after new year and allows you plenty of time to prepare.

The course is beginner friendly and the sights under the water can add a level of excitement you’ll be hard-pressed to find at any other ocean swim.

Why I wear Vorgee’s Missile and Vortech goggles

It’s no surprise that I only wear Vorgee goggles, OceanFit has had a nine year partnership with Vorgee stretching right back to when OceanFit was launched in 2009.

Why did I choose Vorgee way back in the beginning? There were two things that stood out,

  1. They are an Australia owned and operated business, based out of Queensland, and everyone who works there is passionate about developing amazing products for swimmers, and
  2. Their range of goggles is second to none, and their commitment to innovation is delivering swimmers technically superior goggles year after year.

Like all goggle brands, Vorgee has a large range of goggles for recreational to competitive swimmers, with faces of all shapes and sizes.

So, why did I choose the Missile and the Vortech as my two favourite goggles?

The tortoise and the hare

There once was a rookie swimmer who bragged about how fast he could swim.

Tired of hearing him boast, Slow and Steady, the local old salty dog, challenged him to a race out the back. All the beachgoers on the shore gathered to watch.

The rookie swam straight out into the surf, just as a large set was rolling in. He looked back at Slow and Steady and cried out, “How do you expect to win this race when you are still waiting on the beach?”

Ocean swimming keeps the black dog at bay for Hanby

Criminal lawyer Justin Hanby was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2013 and he now swims daily as a way to take control of his mental health.

He’s a passionate advocate for the Black Dog Institute – raising money for them through his swimming – and is currently on top of his age bracket on the Swimming NSW Summer Swim Leader Board.

His result in the Cole Classic will be crucial in order for him to secure a series win.

Let’s find out more about Justin, and get some tips for your next ocean swim, from someone who does lots of them!