Seal your ears for pain-free open water swimming

Have you ever experienced swimmers ear – that pain you get in your ears after swimming?

It could’ve been from swimming so much, or the water being freezing cold, maybe the water was dodgy, or maybe your ears are just a little bit precious, whatever it was, it wasn’t nice and you definitely don’t want it to happen again, right?

Well, you’ll be happy to know there’s now a preventative treatment that isn’t having to wear earplugs!

10 winter swimming motivational tips

In these cooler autumn-winter months, if you’re like me you find it harder to motivate yourself to get to the pool.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, in fact I go through this dilemma every winter and it never gets any easier trust me.

Having just got back into the pool again after a break from summer ocean swimming, I though I’d share some of my tips for getting motivated to start winter swimming, and then to stay winter swimming!

Q&A: The pre-40’s ocean swimming challenge that made Jamie ‘mildly obsessed’

During the 2016-17 summer season, Jamie Cairns approached OceanFit to help him achieve a goal he’d been wanting to knock off for years, and with his 40th birthday approaching, now was the time to take it on!

We spoke to Jamie about how his challenge came about, what his training was like and what it felt like to have achieved his goal.

Top 5 open water swimming books

Are you looking to learn as much as you can about ocean and open water swimming?

Beyond the vast resources available on OceanFit’s website (including 100+ video lessons) there are a number of great books available in hardcopy or for your digital reader.

Some of these books are focused entirely on open water swimming, others are more general swimming-based, but I have read them all and can highly recommend them.

Here are my 5 most recommended open water swimming books (+ two bonus favourites):