Things not working out for you? Get over it!

It’s time to get over it!

When things don’t go quite right for you when you’re ocean swimming, move on, and move on fast, it’s the only way to go.

Having a wife who was brought up on the flat water of Lake Ontario, Canada, it’s usually been me dispensing tips on ocean swimming here in Australia (whether she wants them or not, mind you).

But this hardline tip is 100% credited to Jules.

You see, I’ve made an art form out of breaking down ocean swimming techniques into teeny tiny parts, and using repetition and fun to make sure they stick.

Jules on the other hand gets straight to the point.

We find when teaching swimmers how to adapt to the dynamic ocean environment in our clinics, there comes a moment of realization that the ocean is relentless, and there’s a lot to think about and try to get right.

And you know what? We simply don’t always get it right.

It might be that you get pushed around at the start of an ocean swim event, or you get your timing wrong when diving under a wave, or you go to sight and you get a big fat splash of water in your face.

Whatever it is that doesn’t go quite right, you just need to forget it and refocus as fast as possible. 

Nothing you do will change what has already happened and you need to take 100% of your attention and energy into your next move, because 80% can quickly turn into 60%, which can turn into 40%… and all of a sudden you’re flustered, struggling and definitely not enjoying yourself.

Getting pushed around? Take a moment and find clear water.

Get your timing wrong? Immediately focus on getting the next one right.

See nothing when you sight? No problem, try again on your next breath.

The ocean will keep coming at you and it’ll rarely give you a moment to gather yourself.

Cry a river.

Build a bridge.

And just like my smiling assassin of a wife says…

Get. Over. It.

It really is a metaphor for life.

Enjoy the freedom.

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