Get your ocean swimming dreams dancing to the beat this season

For my birthday this year, my wife Jules surprised me with drum lessons.

I used to play a bit at high school in the ’90s, but I can really only remember being obsessed with playing along to Crying in the Chapel by Peter Blakely.

The reason for the lessons was that I’d bought an electric drum kit for my 40th a couple of years earlier and I’ve been happily banging away to Spotify ever since.

To convince Jules that I ‘really’ needed electric drums I had to tell her about my drumming dream.

“I want to be playing in an 80’s covers band at weddings by the time I turn 45!”

So, why am I telling you this story? 

Firstly, it’s another way for me to be held accountable.

Secondly, the journey I’m taking to reach my 80’s drummer goal is the same as the journey you can take to reach your next ocean swimming goal.

Perhaps you started swimming as a youngster, and your memories are of doing cannonballs, lying on the hot concrete and buying 50c popsicles.

At the time, you would never have imagined that ocean swimming would be a part of your lifestyle as it is now.

Like me, you’ve got dreams to take your swims to the next level in the open water. Maybe it’s a longer distance, or to swim in bigger surf or journey from one beach to another.

All you need now is someone to help you get started on the pathway to realising your dream (maybe this is it) and to enlist in people who can help you get there.

Sure you can have a crack at getting there on your own.

But, just like I’ve got my cool drum teacher, Jake, you need to find your motivator, swim coach or ocean swim school.

Remember, you’re never too old, and lessons are never too cool.

I’m hoping to reach my goal a lot faster, and I’m sure you’ll be able to reach yours a lot earlier than you think too.

Dream big this season, and enjoy the freedom.

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