How to manifest a better swim with visualisation

I’m not about to go all hippy at OceanFit, but we’ve started to introduce visualisation in our clinics as a technique for improving the way you approach the ocean and enjoy your ocean swimming.

I’m sure there’ll be gurus who could dive deeper into mystical visualisation techniques, but the truth is, you don’t need to be spiritual to benefit.

Simply put, visualisation is the practice of imagining what you want to achieve in the future as if it were true now.

Utilising visualisation as an ocean swimmer can have many benefits, including consolidating knowledge, boosting confidence and ultimately achieving goals.

There are two types of visualisation: (1) outcome visualisation, and (2) process visualisation, and we can utilise them both.

With outcome visualisation, you envision your desired endpoint.

This might be completing your first ocean swim, making it out the back of the surf for the first time, or swimming at sunrise. What you focus on, and take deliberate steps toward, are more likely to become a reality.

With process visualisation, you envision every step toward that desired outcome with all the senses engaged.

Taking the example of making it out the back of the surf, a great time to use visualisation is right before you enter the water.

Standing on the beach, close your eyes, take in the sounds and smells around you, and visualise how you will approach the swim.

In your mind, feel the movement of the water and the energy in the waves.

Time your entry to perfection, ride the rip, breathe.

Envision each wave approaching and decide on your negotiation technique, then, perform it flawlessly.

Move your body to mimic the swimming, breathing, and diving actions you’ll perform in the surf. 

When you’ve made it out the back in your mind, open your eyes, take a final minute to assess the conditions, and then execute what you just manifested.

See you out the back, enjoy the freedom.

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