Why balanced beach training is important (and how to do it)

You might have heard the term ‘cross-training‘ before. Basically, it refers to mixing up your fitness regime with different sports or physical activities.

Cross-training is one method to help you achieve a balanced beach training regime. You can also achieve balance by adjusting certain variables within one type of training. Here are some of the reasons that it’s important to strive for a balanced ocean fitness training plan:

  • Minimize the chance of injuries which are more likely to occur with repetitive activities
  • Keep boredom at bay by adding variety into your training
  • Improve performance by challenging your body in different ways and letting the gains from other fitness activities transfer to your performance in the ocean
  • Eliminate any muscle or fitness imbalances that might occur from adopting only one type of training.

Ways to balance your beach training

  • Mix other activities with your swim training. At the beach, this could include walking, jogging or sprinting on the sand, and bodyweight exercises
  • Once or twice per week, do a different type of fitness activity. Choose something you love and go for it! A few ideas include cycling, dancing. group fitness classes, hiking, rock climbing and team sports
  • Within your beach training program, include interval style training, as well as steady-state training
  • Make tweaks (small adjustments) to your training plan after four weeks of consistent training. Change things up a bit more after every three months of consistent training
  • Ensure you apply the following fitness principles to your plan:
    • Progressive overload – over time, add extra intensity to what you do in your beach training plan. This should happen very gradually. Only change one variable at a time.
    • Incorporate rest days and/or easy days into your plan – plan on an easy day or a rest day after a tough training session. The recovery period is hugely important for making gains.
    • Specificity – your plan should always reflect your current goals

Most of all, a balanced beach training plan should be enjoyable. Your body should feel good from ‘changing things up’ whilst ensuring an optimal mix of variables to improve your training performance.

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