The benefits of barefoot training

Fitness sessions on dry land are likely to form part of your overall OceanFit training plan, and there’s probably no better place to do these than the beach itself!

Depending on a few factors, you may choose to do your land-based outdoor training sessions barefoot. Yep, beachside parks and the sand itself can offer a suitable environment to ditch your shoes for a while and enjoy the freedom that barefoot training can bring.

Here are a few of the benefits of training barefoot:

1. Sensory feedback

For such a small surface area, your feet contain a massive number of sensory receptors. These receptors respond to pressure under your feet and provide feedback on how to move your body. Ultimately, your feet can help you to move better through a feedback mechanism that is hindered when you’re wearing thick-soled shoes.

2. Stronger feet

There are more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments in one foot alone! Just like other muscles in the body, your foot muscles become stronger and more flexible when they are used regularly. Training barefoot on the beach is one way to ensure your muscle training extends all the way to your feet. Ultimately, this can help create a stable base of support for your body.

3. Connection with the earth

Emerging science is confirming the benefits of direct connection with the earth. Going barefoot directly connects you with electrons from the earth which can offer several health benefits including reduced pain levels and better sleep.

Concerned about sharp objects?

Depending on your environment and how you feel about going barefoot, you could wear barefoot shoes or sandals to offer your feet a little protection if required. They offer the “next best” option to being completely barefoot when footwear is necessary.

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