How you can get the most out of barefoot training at the beach

The beach environment can provide a great opportunity for barefoot training. This is something that may not be “allowed” in many indoor fitness settings. Your ocean fit training plan can offer you some amazing added benefits when you choose to do it barefoot.

Check out these tips to help you get the most out of your barefoot training at or near the beach.

1. Vary your surfaces

There are several surfaces at or near the beach which may be suitable for barefoot training sessions. To give the sensory receptors in your feet a nice stimulation boost, try alternating your training surfaces between hard sand, soft sand, dirt and grass.

2. Temperature changes for an added sensory boost

Whilst mechanoreceptors respond to pressure under your foot, thermoreceptors respond to temperature.  Stimulate the thermoreceptors in your feet by combining your land-based training with a dip in the ocean.

3. Start with shoes or sandals if needed

If you’re new to barefoot training and you find your feet are getting sore or strained, ease into it. Try wearing your shoes or sports sandals for a portion of your training session and extending your barefoot training time gradually.

4. Everyday barefoot opportunities

If you’re finding it hard to do a barefoot training session, work on increasing barefoot time outside of training sessions (e.g. walking on the beach and outside around your house).

5. Include your feet in your workout prep

Make sure your feet are well prepared for their barefoot workout ahead. Try the following warm-up exercises (barefoot of course!) to target the foot and ankle area:

  • Foot (ankle) circles
  • Point and flex your toes
  • Perform a set of bodyweight calf raises on the flat ground or off a step
  • Take a trigger point ball or a tennis ball to your workout to help release tight muscles under your feet
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