A positive event day experience

We have tips for reducing your anxiety in the lead up to your ocean swim event.

It’s normal to be feeling a little (or a lot) anxious about your impending event in two weeks time, especially if it’s your first one ever, or it’s at a different location that may or may not be more challenging.

There’s nothing you can do to eliminate that anxiety you have, the best way to tackle it is by embracing it! Turn it on its head and use it to make these last two weeks enjoyable.

Here’s a list of do’s and don’t for the lead up to you event, to help reduce anxiety and make your event as enjoyable as possible:


  • Keep to your usual training plan and nutrition
  • Talk to your family and friends positively about your event
  • Get to bed early and read a book the night before
  • Leave for the event early so you’re not rushing
  • Take time to observe the conditions on the day and have a swim plan
  • Find a friend or make a friend on event day to swim with (ask in your challenge group)
  • Learn to meditate, and use it to think positively about what’s ahead


  • Don’t keep checking the weather forecast and ocean conditions all week
  • Let self-doubt slip into your mind, remember you’ve done the training
  • Think you have to swim a record time, just focus on finishing comfortably
  • Feel pressured into starting the event if you’re sure it’s beyond your limits

Why not have a pre-event dinner party during the week with your family and friends where the topic of conversation is on this amazing challenge you have been on and how great it’s going to be to achieve your goal. You’ll be amazed how much positive energy you can get from your personal fan club!


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