1km Training Program ‘Have A Go Express’

Train for a 750m – 1km ocean swim in 4-weeks

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Have you left training for your ocean swim to the last minute?

Don’t worry, even with only four weeks to get up to speed, we can help you prepare for your 750m to 1km swim goal with this express version of our most popular ocean swim training program for beginners.

If you have the motivation and commitment, we’ll get you there.

Whether you’re coming back to swimming after a long break, or you’re completely new to swimming, we’ll get you training like a swimmer, quickly building up from light to medium volume training sessions that will have you raring to go.

This program includes

  • Comprehensive training guide
  • Printable training diary
  • Two pool training sessions per week

This program is self-guided. For practical lessons delivered by OceanFit, see our clinics

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