How to prepare for a run-swim-run event

Run-swim-run’s are becoming very popular on the ocean swims calendar.

If you’re a traditional ocean swimmer, you’ll have to be a little bit amphibious to take these events on, but it’ll be super fun.

The key to taking them on will be how fit you are across the two disciplines, swimming and running, and how well you can transition between the run and the swim.

When you run your breathing rate will be fast and frequent, then when you hit the ocean you’ll be forced into a slower breathing pattern.

It’ll feel a lot like it does when you dive into cold water and you hyperventilate.


If you’re fit and you’ve been practising these transitions you’ll find it ok going, but if you’re just unfit and winging it, you might find it tough to keep your face down in the water for the initial part of your swim.

If you’re used to a long initial dive to get started, or there’s a wave on and you need to hold your breath to dive under it, you’ll be fighting to get to the surface quickly for that big breath, and you’ll take longer to recover. It’s not a good feeling and no one likes diving under the water when they’re out of breath.

So what can you do to make sure you transition better, stay comfortable and enjoy your swim? I suggest:

  1. Going for a warm-up swim to regulate your body to the water temp
  2. Slowing your breathing rate down about 50m out from reaching the water
  3. When you start swimming, breathe every second stroke until you bring your breathing rate down to normal for swimming

Your general swimming fitness, whether participating in an event like this or just enjoying a lazy Sunday dip, will always be the defining factor in how comfortable you feel in the ocean.

There’s no silver bullet, the better swimmer you are the more confident ocean swimmer you’ll be, so get swimming and come and see us at OceanFit to help prepare you.


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