Top 5: Join the run-swim-run revolution this summer

One of the growth areas we’ve seen in ocean swimming over the last few seasons is the number of run-swim-runs on the calendar, and in NSW there are five fantastic events to get your heart rate up this summer.

Not always for the die-hard ocean swimmer – who prefer the neutral buoyancy of swimming, rather than the pavement pounding of running – run-swim-runs offer a mixed-discipline challenge.

One of the downsides to ocean swimming in beautiful beach locations is that you spend the whole time swimming with your head under the water, while often much of the beauty is above and all around you. Run-swim-run’s allow you to experience the full surroundings of the coastal environment, above and below the water.

So, if you’re looking for a new challenge, to test your fitness, and try something a little different, check out these five run-swim-run events.

Run-swim-run events in Australia

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