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Australia’s favourite ocean swim school

We started delivering our world-leading training on Bondi Beach in 2009, and we train 100’s of swimmers every summer throughout Australia.

So, whether you’ve grown up at the beach, or you’ve only visited a handful of times, we have a range of training options for you and your family to develop superior open water skills and knowledge.


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Swimmers shoulder: The complete guide

Swimmers shoulder is a common swimming injury, so it’s important to know what causes it, what to look out for, how to treat it and most importantly, how to prevent it.

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I highly recommend an ocean swimming clinic, by the end of mine I had full confidence to throw myself into the ocean with safety, ease and a much better understanding of the ocean.

Sarah (7) loved OceanFit last year and is coming back for more this year. Swimming out on the rip, and back through waves, diving off flat rock and learning about the sea creatures and beach safety- she loved it all!