Ocean Swim Events

Discover the freedom of the ocean

Each summer thousands of swimmers enjoy the freedom of ocean swimming, participating in ocean swim events located at the most scenic beach locations throughout Australia, New Zealand and the world.

Ocean swims are a great way to test your skills and fitness against the elements in a controlled environment, achieve goals you never thought possible, and be the envy of all your friends and family!

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Ocean Swimming Training

Let us help you reach your goal

There’s really no better all-round fitness activity than swimming. But 50m back and forth, back and forth in a pool staring at a black line isn’t exactly for everyone.

At OceanFit we specialise in introducing people to the joy and freedom of ocean swimming by breaking down the barriers and empowering you to achieve your goals.

Whether you’re training for an ocean swim, a triathlon, or you’d simply love to enjoy an ocean lifestyle, we can get you there.

We’re the experienced, friendly and supportive ocean swimming choice for all ages and abilities, from entry level to awesome!

Come and join us on world famous Bondi Beach where we’ve been since 2009.


Ocean Swimming Lessons

Take your training online

True waterman say you need to have empathy and respect for the ocean, which is why as an ocean swimmer you’ll never stop learning, preparing and experiencing.

The ocean, in all natures beauty, is a beast that will never be tamed, however, by increasing your knowledge, developing your skills and building your surf sense through experience the closer you will get to feeling at one with her.

Check out our range of online videos and lessons you can watch to become a smarter, fitter, and faster ocean swimmer + there’s something for the kids too!


What’s Happening At OceanFit?

Discover your potential and achieve your goals faster with personalised private ocean swimming.


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