Interview Snippet: Shark Island Psycho Swimmers

The Shark Island Psycho Swimmers from the Shire are aptly named for their daily morning swim around Cronulla's Shark Island.


Date: 13 June 2020
Interview number: 016
Interviewee: Shark Island Psycho Swimmers (Scott, Ken and Janie)
Cronulla Beach, Cronulla, New South Wales


We met up with Scott Belcher, Ken Anderson and Janine Paton from the Shark Island Psycho Swimmers (SIPS) after their golden-ray induced Monday morning swim around Shark Island.

The group has been around for 40+ years in some form, but these days it’s very much a daily routine for a core group of swimmers, with the fair-weather swimmers joining on nice days and weekends. With such an interesting swim course, we dived into it in detail, as well as learning about the joys of swimming in the Shire and the nicknames everyone in the group seems to have bestowed on them.

Listen to an audio snippet


The fuel cans are filled with hot water for a post-swim shower!

Shark Island

A little snippet

In this snippet from the full podcast interview, the guys explain how the name ‘Shark Island Psycho Swimmers’ came about, as well as the many variations it morphs into.



The full interview with Shark Island Psycho Swimmers will feature on a new podcast episode coming soon…


Group Details

Name: Shark Island Psycho Swimmers (SIPS)
Location: Cronulla SLSC, Cronulla Beach, New South Wales
Meeting times: Daily at 6.30am-ish (Can be earlier in summer)
Contact: Turn up at outside the Cronulla surf club and ask around for the group


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