Swimmer ‘shocked’ she hasn’t kept her fitness over winter

After a strong finish to the previous ocean swimming season, local swimmer Slo Goin was shocked to discover she was out of breath just 200m into today’s ocean swim at Oceanville.

Goin feels betrayed by her body, believing it should have maintained its swimming fitness all on its own during the off-season.

Speaking to OceanFit, Goin was clearly miffed, “I finished last season on a high and I was still buzzing all winter.” she said

“Since I became an ocean swimmer I’ve kept away from the pool. The concrete, the black line, all that chlorine, no thanks I’m better than that now.

“Someone really should let you know you actually have to maintain your swimming fitness through winter, clearly slipping cocktails in a club pool in Bali doesn’t cut it.”

Goin has advice for other swimmers looking to be prepared for their first ocean swim of the summer, saying

They should check their summer tan – if the tan has faded, so has their swimming fitness.”

Andre from OceanFit couldn’t agree more, adding “Ocean swimmers should be hitting the pool in the spring at least once or twice a week to slowly build their fitness up.”

“OceanFit’s spring clinics are also a great way to learn new skills or get a refresher,” he said.

In other news, ex-lane swimmer, Mist Alot, has calculated – at the swimmer-endorsed rate of 3-weeks for every 1 missed – that it will take a whopping 36 weeks for her to get her swimming fitness back, just in time for the final event of the season.


First published in September 2018

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