Training Overview – Week 6

Week 6 of the 8-Week 2km Ocean Swim Challenge, preparing you for your ocean swim goal.

How’d you get on with your time trial last week?

You should expect to have reduced your time from week one, sometimes this reduction can be insane, I’ve heard of people chopping their time in half!

Whatever the reduction was for you, congratulations! Each little bit means something. If you aren’t happy with your time trial result take a look back over your training and see if you can see where you might’ve gone wrong.

Have you had your stroke technique assessed by a swim coach? Have you completed all the training in the pool? Have you been doing all your core training? Are you eating nutritiously? What else may have contributed to a lack of energy? All these things can add up and affect your swimming.

Train hard.


Pool training

All you need to know about this week’s pool training can be found here.

Ocean awareness

We’ve learnt previously that wind plays a major role in the creation of waves, it also has a role in what the wave looks like as it’s breaking.

The direction the wind is blowing will create different beach and water conditions (some good, some not so good), and knowing this can help you choose the best beach to swim at, at what time, or it can save you a trip to the beach in the first place.

Next time you see a bluebottle at the beach, carefully pick it up by the float watching out for the stinger. Have a look at it closer up and then pop it! (but you didn’t hear that here!).

Ocean swimming

When we start getting into the bigger waves, and even smaller dumping waves, we’re going to need to dive further under the waves to escape the disturbance they create.

Simply, bigger waves equal more water which is heavier and more powerful, so the energy is transferred much further under the water.

This week’s lessons will teach you how to dive deeper and stay deeper in order to navigate larger breaking waves.

If you’re going to practice these dives in the ocean, start with smaller waves until you get the technique and then only goIn larger surf at patrolled beaches while accompanied by a friend.

Core strength

One new exercise this week, and Emily’s core strength workout’s take another leap in intensity!

Up until now, we’ve talked about strengthening your core using our core strength workouts on land.

This week is about taking that newfound core strength and stability and transferring it to your swimming.

When you swim this week think about switching your core on for the whole session. It will be hard to start with because it becomes a mental workout as well.

You’ll need to really put your mind to it as you start to get tired because that will be the first thing you give up on.

Learn the correct technique to perform a reverse crunch and then either download the core strength session or train along to the core workout video.

Need more variation in your core training? Try a yoga or pilates class, or check your local gym group fitness timetable for specific core classes.

Strength & fitness

This week we conclude our lessons on swimmers shoulder by learning how to prevent and treat this common swimming injury.

There are also some fantastic dynamic shoulder stretches you can perform before you swim to help prevent swimmers shoulder.

OceanFit’s expert physio blogger Nick Marshall has written a great article about the importance of regular physio maintenance sessions to assist with prevention, so check that out as well.


Dieting companies have us convinced that all fat is bad.

The truth is that some fats are good for us and actually play an important role in our nutritional requirements.

This week you’ll learn about ‘essential fats‘ and you’ll have a go at including more of them in your meals.

We’ve even got a totally yummy Grilled Salmon with Yoghurt Tartar Sauce recipe for you to try!

Health & wellbeing

When you set yourself a challenge it almost always involves hard work and sacrifices.

The hard work and sacrifice can yoyo throughout your training, it can seem a chore to get started, then ease off and then become a chore again as the weeks add up.

For others, it’s a piece of cake at the start but it starts to become harder to stay on track and to make those sacrifices as time goes on.

One way to motivate yourself during a period where it just seems like it’s all hard work and sacrifice without any reward is to do just that – reward yourself!

We’re now three weeks away from your challenge goal event, so spike your energy and enthusiasm by going shopping for a new pair of goggles and a flash new swimsuit to wear at your swim!

Vorgee has been a huge supporter of OceanFit since we started in 2009. We love their goggles and gear and can’t recommend them enough. Looking for goggles? Try the Missile’s and Vortech’s – they’re our favourites!


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