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Protein for recovery

Protein can be used for growth and repair (which is the ideal use for protein) or can be used for energy like carbohydrate and fat. In this lesson you will learn about the protein enriched foods you should be including in your diet for maximum muscle recovery, repair and energy.

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5 healthy eating tips for summer

Summer is the perfect time to commit to a healthy eating and exercise plan but don’t get confused with all the latest diet trends, what you’re looking to do is eat clean, colourful and balanced meals.

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Ocean swimming event nutrition

You can’t guarantee how well you will perform on event day but what you can control is your nutrition, hydration and energy levels. In this lesson you will learn about event nutrition and how to fuel your body pre, during and post your ocean swim event.

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Preparing to eat healthy

The first step in any healthy eating plan is to go shopping and get prepared. In this lesson you will learn how to make healthy eating decisions to assist in your ocean swimming training.

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Choosing nutritious foods

A diet packed with vegetables will provide nutrients and nourishment vital to any training program. In this lesson you will learn how to choose nutritious foods based on their colour.

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What do I need to coach aquatic activities?

Minimum Cert II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue)/Bronze Medallion

First Aid and CPR Certificates

Public Liability and Personal Indemnity Insurance over and above your fitness trainer insurance

Membership of an industry body (i.e. Fitness Australia/ASCTA)

Rescue equipment (i.e. rescue tube/board)

Council permit (if required)

Lifeguards on patrol

Maintain safe instructor/participant water safety ratios

Further information

Season runs from 1 Oct to 30 April. Some contact out of season.

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