World Ironman Series: Positive direction or rogue and risky?

The World Ironman Series debuted last month in Bali with some of Australia’s top surf Ironmen and Ironwomen competing in a festival-like atmosphere with racing designed to be consumed live on social media – if you haven’t seen it, there are some great surf swimming tips to be found within.

The Series has been organised by competitors in what looks like a ‘we’ll-take-it-into-our-own-hands’ response to a perceived lack of direction and professional offering by SLSA.

Whilst I applaud the organisers for their vision and hustle to put an exciting event together (and it did look great on social media), I disagree with their decision to flout their risk management and social responsibilities.

I can’t agree with racing at night (given what the sport has been through recently) or that the sport’s heaviest influencers were glamorising partying and the drinking of alcohol throughout the event – a result of the Series being held at and sponsored by a beach club – when highly impressionable young nippers are glued to their phones following their idols on Instagram.

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