Interview Snippet: Vlad Mravec

Vlad Mravec is well known in Sydney for being the go-to coach for long-distance open water swimming, with many of his prodigies completing Ocean's 7 swims around the globe.


Date: 16 July 2020
Interview number: 020
Interviewee: Vlad Mravec, Swim coach and owner of Vlad Swim
Murray Rose Pool, Double Bay, Sydney, New South Wales


We met up with Vlad Mravec at the Murray Rose Pool in Double Bay on a pretty average Sydney day. Vlad had come from a private lesson nearby and we set up under cover overlooking one of the most scenic harbour pools in the world.

Our conversation was wide-ranging, touching on his extensive background as a coach, his coaching philosophies and what it takes to be a long-distance swimmer. For anyone looking to get into the long-distance ocean swim events, this is a must-listen.

A little snippet

In this snippet from the full podcast interview, Vlad talks about his three most-important philosophies in coaching.



The full interview with Vlad Mravec will feature on a new podcast episode coming soon…



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