The ocean swimming attraction

The ocean swimming attraction

There’s really no better all-round fitness activity than swimming. But 50m back and forth, back and forth in a pool staring at a black line isn’t exactly for everyone.

Ocean swimming allows you to swim as nature intended (no, we don’t mean stark naked) and there are fantastic opportunities to swim socially, participate in an event or travel the world swimming in exotic locations.

Ocean swimming is (obviously, some might say) a lot different to swimming in a pool. For one there’s no lanes or a black line to follow like in the pool, you can’t stop and stand up or hold the edge when you’re tired, and being a natural environment you’ll have to contend with elements like waves, currents and wind chop.

As one of the fastest-growing recreational participation sports, ocean swimming is challenging, loads of fun and the best part is that it all takes place in the natural ocean environment!

Ocean swimming for body & mind

As an ocean swimmer, you can enjoy the benefits of becoming one with the natural ocean environment and harnessing its energy.

Being able to enjoy the greatest playground on earth with your friends and share your tales of taming the ocean over a coffee after is addictive.

Swimming itself is a great aerobic activity, and ocean swimming through waves will help increase your anaerobic fitness and build your swimming strength.

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