Summer Reads: Top 5 Swimming Personal Journey Books

In part two of OceanFit’s summer reading guide, we dive into the bookcase again, this time to share with you books that will both inspire and delight you.

With so many to choose from around the world, I’ve chosen to pick and celebrate five very different books, all from Australian authors, in the hope at least one of them suits your taste.

If you’d like to purchase them, the title links will take you to Amazon and you should have them delivered during the holidays!

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Top 5 Swimming Personal Journey Books


1. Blind Vision: A Blind Man’s Courage In The Face Of Loss, Triumph & Love

[Inspiration] James Pittar is a regular on the NSW ocean swims circuit and an accomplished international marathon swimmer, including the Triple Crown. He is also blind, and that’s what makes his autobiography so inspirational as he takes you on a personal journey from childhood, to losing his vision, and his continual dedication to growth and self-improvement.



2. Swimming Through Winter

[Relatable] A swimming-meets-life memoir by Illawarra local Kirrilee Bracht, where she intertwines her winter of ocean and river swimming with her life journey. Swimming through the coldest months, Bracht takes us back to her childhood, beautifully describes her wild swimming environment, and lets us in on the bonds forged within her swim group.



3. The Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming Circle

[Ficton] This Australia novel invites you to follow the lives of four women who embark on a journey of fun, fitness and friendship and discover more about themselves and each other than they ever expected. Given the way social swim groups have got together this year, you’re likely to connect with this story at a deeper level than you might’ve thought possible.


Also in a similar style: The Swim Club


4. Life Is Worth Swimming

[Australian Icon] Now with an ocean swim named for him, you can be inspired by Murray Rose’s story of Olympic success, his unique training techniques, and the way in which he captured the hearts and minds of Australian’s throughout his life. Rose held a lifelong fascination with Australia’s beach culture, becoming a clubbie and pursuing his passion for ocean swimming.




5. Fat, Forty, & Fired: One Man’s Frank, Funny, & Inspiring Account Of Losing His Job & Finding His Life

[Humour] Author Nigel Marsh, of Earth Day and Sydney Skinny fame, wrote this extremely honest and humorous account of his journey from being a stressed-out, overweight, middle-aged, unemployed father of four, to find a more meaningful and balanced existence, using his training for the Bondi To Bronte ocean swim as his motivation.


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