‘Mermaiding’ is a thing and it can make dreams come true

Have you ever dreamed of being a mermaid?

You might not have been able to realise your dream as a child, but now the mermaiding dreams of your children can come true.

Mermaiding starts with the wearing of a large single fin, also known as a monofin or mermaid fin, and for some it also includes dressing up further with a matching swimsuit and accessories.

The fin itself provides loads of fun, allowing you to propel yourself gracefully through the water. With not much effort you can also get some serious speed up.

My seven year old daughter has a fascination for all things mermaids so her dreams were made a reality. She absolutely loved the swimming, learning about the ocean, dressing up like a mermaid and interacting with the other kids too.

Michaela Werner, the founder of No Ripples, who runs popular one day school holiday workshops for aspiring Mermaids, says it also helps kids connect with the ocean and increase their fitness.

“It inspires the kids to learn and to care about the ocean. On top of that, without even realising it, swimming with a fin improves technique for butterfly stroke while strengthening core, thighs, lower back and improving hip and shoulder flexibility.”

Mermaiding is particularly great for introducing a new pathway to the enjoyment of the ocean, ensuring the experience is enjoyable, memorable and fun.

“I‘m passionate about enabling the girls to find freedom of movement in the water, while having lots of fun. Mermaiding is not a competitive sport, so it allows us to experiment, feel good and explore water in totally new way.” Werner says,

Through mermaiding, the kids create a unique connection with their breath, with their bodies and with the ocean. If nourished, this unique relationship can last a lifetime.”

Mermaiding Workshops

More information and to book: http://www.noripples.com.au


Note: OceanFit recommends mermaiding only be conducted under the guidance of a trained coach and with close supervision, like in the Mermaiding Workshops.

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