2015 ocean swimming survey prize winners

Did you take part in OceanFit’s 2015 Annual Ocean Swimming Survey?

If you did, you were one of over 850 people who took part in the inaugural survey. We think this is a phenomenal number for our first survey, but most importantly it’s a statistically significant number to represent the ocean swimming community – so the results will really mean something.

The insights we have started to gather will be extremely valuable to event organisers and the sport as a whole, and will ultimately ensure organisers can put on amazing events that ocean swimmers love.

Of course, for those OceanFit participants who provided feedback on our programs, we thank you for sharing your experiences with us. We will take on all feedback large and small to make our programs even better.

Prize winners

We made the prize draw using a random number generator app today (see video below) and we’ve found our winners!

Nicola Logan


WIN an experience for two on Hamilton Island to participate in the most idyllic ocean swim on the planet. Prize includes 2 nights accommodation, island activities, entry to the ocean swim & a coaching session with Australian Olympic champion Susie O’Neill OAM!

Winner: Nicole Logan, Coogee!

Here’s how Nicola describes her ocean swimming journey:

“I moved to Australia 11 years ago and visited Coogee for the first time on the day of the Coogee Island Challenge. I was determined to have a go but was rather daunted having never swum any distance in the ocean before and only having been a pool swimmer. The following year I did it and loved it! I have been hooked ever sense. I love the challenge that each swim offers, the many beaches you get to visit and the great camaraderie. Palm Beach to Whale Beach was definitely a challenge a few years ago and I loved the Gerringong Classic this year (the fish auction was awesome!).”

Additional prizes valued at over $2,000

10 x pairs of Vorgee Missile goggles (valued at $25 each)

Zoe Breitkreutz, Michael Jones, Samantha Denmark, Barry D, Simone Goldstein, Heli Murray, Cameron Parke, Anita Zanesco, Debbie Lewry, Rebecca Beath.

10 x OceanFit training vouchers (valued at $187 each)

Peter Checketts, Pam Faulks, Michael Mellon, Cathy Goodieson, Pamela Jones, Liz Jarjoura, Sarah Wapling, Anne Smyth, Lisa Mains, Tony Kvatch.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey and congratulations to the winners (who have been contacted by email).

Once we’ve crunched the survey data we’ll start to share the insights on this blog, so keep an eye out for them.

Are you an ocean swim event organiser who’d like to know more about how the results can help you deliver even better events? Contact us.

Random Draw Results

213Nicola LoganHamilton Island
467Zoe BreitkreutzVorgee Goggles
283Michael JonesVorgee Goggles
293Samantha DenmarkVorgee Goggles
395Barry DVorgee Goggles
53Simone GoldsteinVorgee Goggles
704Heli MurrayVorgee Goggles
226Cameron ParkeVorgee Goggles
610Anita ZanescoVorgee Goggles
431Debbie LewryVorgee Goggles
174Rebecca BeathVorgee Goggles
173Peter CheckettsOceanFit Training Voucher
88Pam FaulksOceanFit Training Voucher
537Michael MellonOceanFit Training Voucher
43Cathy GoodiesonOceanFit Training Voucher
552Pamela JonesOceanFit Training Voucher
232Liz JarjouraOceanFit Training Voucher
265Sarah WaplingOceanFit Training Voucher
722Anne SmythOceanFit Training Voucher
351Lisa MainsOceanFit Training Voucher
484Tony KvatchOceanFit Training Voucher




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