Wind, swell and waves

Learn how swell and waves are created, how this affects the waves we see at the beach.

In this lesson, we’re learning about waves. There’s a lot to them, and the more you understand how they’re made up and how they organise themselves, the better prepared you’ll be to swim in them.

It’s always helpful to head to the beach after this lesson to have a look around and match what you’ve learnt, to your local beach.

Too far from the beach? Try a surf cam on


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Soft sand running

In this lesson you will learn some basic techniques for fast and efficient soft sand running.

Wave distance

Learn about how the distance between waves can impact on your energy levels and efficiency in the surf.


In this lesson you will learn when to use the wading technique and how to wade out as you navigate the surf zone.

Swimming over waves

In this lesson you will learn how to spot waves you can swim over and the technique for doing so.

Season runs from 1 Oct to 30 April. Some contact out of season.

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