Knowledge, Skills and Desire – The success combo

You’ve got to know what to do, how to do it, and you’ve really got to want to do it! Knowledge, Skills and Desire – the success combo

The crucial combo of knowledge, skills and desire will ensure that you’re successful in whatever you’re trying to do – whether it be driving a car, or reaching a weight loss goal. Miss out one of these elements and your goal will be unreachable until the gap is filled.

Let me give you some examples. You’ve done your driving theory test and scored 100% (knowledge), and you want to be able to drive and be independent more than ever (desire), but you go out and bunny hop along, stall in the middle of the traffic lights and get an earful from your dad in the passenger seat!

What are you missing? Skills! So maybe you haven’t quite reached your goal yet, but because you have the desire to get out and try again, and you know what you need to do… practising the skill is the only missing link to getting you there.

The same concept can be applied to a weight loss goal.

You definitely want to do this – summer’s coming up and you want to be able to show your arms with confidence. It’s time to say goodbye to those bat wings that wave goodbye for you all the time! Your favourite jeans only come halfway up your legs, your knees hurt going up and down stairs due to the added weight and you’re sick of needing a nana nap every afternoon!

In this case, there’s no doubt that the desire to change is strong. You’ve planned in workout time 5 days a week, have arranged regular times for supermarket shopping, and have even started preparing your lunch the night before. So evidently you have developed the planning and preparation skills needed for success.

But you’re not losing weight (in fact you’re putting it on), and the exercise is painful.

What’s missing? Knowledge! And if you don’t find some soon that desire might start slipping away because it all seems pointless. However, if you start talking to the right people and learn about things such as the portion sizes you should be eating, that ‘98% fat-free’ can actually make you fat, and how to balance macronutrients (protein, carbs and fat), you can fill your knowledge gap, add to your desire and the skills you have, and you’ll reach those goals! Put on your favourite jeans and wave goodbye to those bat wings for good!

So what if you’re lacking in desire? That’s something only you can find yourself. If it’s not important enough then chances are that you won’t do enough to get an end result (whether it be driving that car or losing weight). What creates a strong enough level of desire to want to change something and achieve goals is a whole other story (we’ll address that next time!). If there’s not enough desire, find something else you really want to do and then go out and find the knowledge and skills to back up that desire.

So where to now? Identify what you want and see what link(s) are currently missing. Then take steps to fill in those gaps – for those driving skills, maybe you need a driving instructor, rather than your dad to help you out, and for your fitness knowledge, you’ll probably need a personal trainer to set you up with a safe and effective exercise programme and to help you out with those food choices.

Don’t follow your dreams, go out and chase them!!

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