6 ocean swimming products I couldn’t do without

Given I have been ocean swimming (albeit more recreationally than in ocean swim events) for most of my life, and more recently as the owner of OceanFit teaching up to six hours a day at the beach, I spend a lot of time at the beach.

There are six ocean swimming products I swear by, on top of various swimsuits, that I just couldn’t live without when it comes to visiting the beach and enjoying my ocean swimming. They just make things easier, more comfortable and fun!

Wetsuit top

When you’re spending a lot of time in the water it’s always great to be able to keep warm. Wearing just a wetsuit top is a great way to keep your upper body core warm but still keeping the lower body free. The increased buoyancy also helps make swimming easier and if you’re teaching it allows you to float well while instructing. I wear a T1 Wetsuit Top and when it’s really cold, or I’m staying in the water for extended periods of time I wear full wetsuits – If you’re predominately swimming you need to buy swimming/triathlon wetsuit brand.

External key lock

Never again do you have to worry about leaving your car keys or valuables on the beach while you swim. With this mini lock-up safe you can lock your valuables in the car (or scooter as is sometimes the case with me), then lock the car keys in the lockup safe which has a pin code. I use this every day and sometimes even use it at home when I’m heading out for a run – you just lock it to the fence outside. The brand I use is KeySafe.


Googles are a must for ocean swimming. And I’m not talking about the pair you bought 2 years ago which you are lovingly holding onto – throw them out. Get yourself a new pair of goggles and replace them regularly. A good pair of goggles will let you see above and below the water and experience all that’s amazing about the marine environment. I wear Vorgee Missiles, they’re the best surf swimming goggle I’ve come across – they won’t come off when dolphin-diving or bodysurfing. There are other great open water swimming goggles too – like the polarized Vortech from Vorgee.


If you’re spending a lot of time outside you need to be wearing sunscreen, if you’re ocean swimming you need good waterproof sunscreen. Buy a few tubes and leave one in your swim bag, car, home etc that way you’ll never be without it. I use a funky sunscreen called Sunpouch, it comes in cool little ‘pouches’ with designer prints so they look good in your bag too!

Swimmers ear spray

If you’re swimming a lot, and particularly if you’re swimming in the ocean in dodgy water (who can wait a few days after rain, really?) then you’ll want to protect your ears. Other than drying them out after your swim you can help prevent and relieve symptoms of swimmers ear with over the counter ear sprays. I just happen to use Audiswim which is a micro spray – it basically evaporates the water in your ears.

Plastic tub

This is a new item for me this year, when I ran a clinic at Thirroul SLSC at the start of summer all the nippers had them and I thought they were fantastic. Basically they’re a large plastic tub with handles, they’re better than bags in that they don’t leak water when you throw your wet items in it. I like them so much I have 3 in the back of my car. They’re also great for lessons because you can spot them amongst the crowd when you’re hunting for your stuff!

Disclaimer: No brands have paid to be mentioned in this article. I just use them.

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