Navigating the Cole Classic 1km & 2km courses

The Cole Classic is one of the most popular ocean swims in Australia, drawing thousands of swimmers to the iconic Manly Beach in the first weekend of February each year.

There are three swim distances available, 1km, 2km and the recently added 5km.

By far the most popular are the 1km and 2km, where beginner swimmers and returners alike journey from the sheltered Shelly Beach, out into the open water, before navigating to the golden sand of Manly.

Whether you are taking on the 1km or 2km course for the first time, or you are returning in the hope of bettering your previous performance, these tips will help you get around the course as efficiently as possible.

1km course

2km course

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  1. Hi Andre,

    Any idea how to register or buy a ticket for the Aquathlon running at that event?

    Can’t seem to find it on the main site

      1. Hi Steve, the organisers have said that the aquathon is still on, however, it sold out quickly and there are no places left.

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