The OceanFit Ocean Responsibility Code

The beach is Australia’s favourite playground but it can be a dangerous place for the uninitiated.

OceanFit has developed the Ocean Responsibility Code to teach people how to have fun and stay safe at the beach.

Respect the ocean

The ocean environment is powerful, unpredictable and home to hidden dangers.

Swim at patrolled beaches

Swim between the red and yellow flags on beaches patrolled by lifeguards.

Be prepared

Check ocean conditions before you leave home and observe for five minutes on arrival.

If in doubt, stay out

It’s safer to stay out of the water if you’re unsure of the conditions or your ability.

Follow safety advice

Signs and flags identify beach conditions, warn of dangers and separate user groups for your safety.

Watch out for each other

Swim with a buddy and keep within sight and arms reach of children at all times.

Stay in control

Know your limits and keep within them; stay out of the water if under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Wear the correct safety equipment

Wear safety leashes while bodyboarding and surfing, and lifejackets for boating and rock fishing.

Remain calm and raise an arm

If you get into difficulty: remain calm, float to conserve your energy and raise an arm for assistance.

Learn to ocean swim

Learning to swim in open water will increase your confidence, safety and enjoyment.

Be an ocean guardian

Protect and preserve the ocean environment for yours and future generations.

Download a copy of the OceanFit Ocean Responsibility Code (PDF) and put it on your fridge!

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