2021 website refresh

So, you’ve noticed some changes to our website?

On 10 September 2021 we refreshed our oceanfit.com.au website and there have been a number of changes that might impact you if you’re a previous customer, visitor or user of our Swim Scout directory.

Swim School

Since 2009, we have pioneered the delivery of innovative ocean swimming education in Australia.

Based out of Bondi Beach until 2020, we offered a range of programs to suit the varying needs of open water swimmers of all ages throughout Sydney. The time has now come for the next evolution of OceanFit, and with this, the retirement of some of our programs.

These programs are no longer offer by OceanFit:

  • Morning ocean fitness classes (i.e. MOCEAN, VITALITY, ENERGY)
  • Private adult lessons
  • OceanFit 4 Kids & Private children lessons
  • OceanFit 4 Families

We thank all our valued participants for their loyal support and we look forward to welcoming you back for a new OceanFit experience!

Swim Scout Directory

In August 2021, OceanFit purchased the website and business of oceanswims.com

Read more about oceanswims.com 2.0 here

oceanswims.com is an institution in Australia for ocean swimming, and, up until we took the reins, it was primarily focused on ocean swim events.

Our vision for oceanswims.com is for it to become the home for the entire community of ocean swimmers, whether you simply enjoy a morning dip at your local beach, or you’re going for gold in an ocean swim event.

Because it didn’t make sense to have a directory on both OceanFit and oceanswims.com, we’ve transferred the directory and its listings to oceanswims.com.

Ocean swimming groups

Many social ocean swimming groups are listed on our directory, you can now find the directory here.

Swim buddies

Our Swim Buddies directory can be found here.

In a recent survey of current users of Swim Buddies, the feedback was extremely positive. However, the biggest piece of feedback was that there simply weren’t enough people on it!

We hope that moving the Swim Buddies directory to oceanswims.com will help grow the awareness of this awesome feature and allow more people to meet up and swim together.

Previous users: Trouble logging in

If you have trouble logging in, you may need to reset your password.

Is your profile missing?

If you have recently registered a Swim Buddies profile, and it hasn’t been accepted yet (and you have received an email) then you will need to set up a new profile.

Missing conversations

There is every chance that previous conversation information was deleted in the transition to the new website. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience for you.

Masters swim clubs/surf clubs/winter swimming clubs

Ocean pools

Ocean swim events

At this stage, you can still find our ocean swim event calendar at oceanfit.com.au/oceanswims.

There is also an ocean swim event calendar on oceanswims.com, which you can find here.

Online Training Programs

Our popular online ocean swim training programs have gone through a refresh, and are now delivered in a new, exciting course format.

In addition to this, there are a number of new courses that will help you make the most of all our online educational content.

Where to find the following training programs:

In the menu, go to: Training > eCourses > Training Programs

Change to program format

  • The training program ‘course’ now only includes the weekly pool swimming lessons and drill videos
  • Instead of the course including additional weekly topics, i.e. ocean awareness, core strength etc, you can now complete this content in their individual courses, in your own time.
  • You can check out all the new courses available here

We hope this new format makes it even easier to consume the 100’s of lessons we’ve developed over 12 years and will continue to develop into the future.

Also, don’t forget to visit our blog for more than 250 blog posts on just about everything there is to do with ocean swimming! In the menu, navigate to Blog > Categories to narrow your search.