What to do when you’ve got too much time to yourself

There’s nothing more peaceful than swimming out in the open water, far from the hustle and bustle of the beach and beyond, nothing more than the squawk of a seagull, or gentle lapping of the water.

However, this same attraction we have to the peace and quiet can also pose a problem… what happens when it’s too quiet… when you have too much time to yourself?!

I asked around some of our OceanFit’ers this week for their advice on breaking the swimming boredom, this is what we came up with:

Listen to music

There are a number of waterproof music players on the market, with the consensus being that the bone-conducting varieties are the best.

Sing to yourself

They say the best time to sing is when no one can hear you… so go for your life! You usually end up with a song stuck in your head and you blast the chorus on repeat!

Break your swim into sections

Devise a swim plan before you take off, and then spend the swim executing it. You might split the distance into four parts and slightly increase your speed in each quarter, or plan the lines you’ll take to account for any wind and currents.

Focus on your stroke

While you’ve got the time why not spend it on something that will make you a better swimmer by the end. Start by focusing on your catch, pull, exit and recovery.

Reinforce the magic

For some, just reinforcing to yourself how lucky you are to be enjoying the open water and how amazing it is to be able to experience the ocean and its magic, is enough to keep busy.

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  1. I count 100 strokes – and for each set I try to do something different- practice breathing, practice stroke, practice core strength. Problem is at about 10 strokes I have forgotten what I’m doing, and find myself dreaming.