Tips to enhance your pool swimming experience

Whether you’re swimming at a small local pool, a large aquatic centre or an ocean baths, here are a few tips to help you enjoy your pool swimming experience.


  • Avoid swimming during peak times
  • Check the availability of public lanes (check online or ask at reception)

Value for money

  • Most pools offer a discount on multi-swim cards
  • Check with your pool for the best value-for-money on offer

Clean pools

  • Ocean pools are usually emptied and cleaned once a week on a schedule. Work out which day is cleaning day and swim within a few days after for the best quality water
  • Public swimming pools will be cleaned every day, but cleanest in the mornings and dirtiest after the weekend

The right gear

  • The great thing about swimming is that you only need the bare minimum of equipment to get started. Take your swimsuit, cap and goggles and you’re ready to go.

See also: Pool lane swimming etiquette

First published April 2013

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