OceanFit 4 Kids

Our premium children's lessons

OceanFit 4 Kids delivers engaging beach safety and ocean swimming lessons that turn the ocean into a natural playground for children to enjoy safety.

Our lessons teach children to appreciate the power and majesty of the ocean environment, promote a connection with the beach ecosystem, and develop confidence in their abilities.

The practical skills and techniques we teach will prepare your child for an ocean lifestyle beyond simply swimming, and our self survival and assisted rescue lessons will ensure they become guardians of the ocean.

Lessons can be an alternative, or a complement, to nippers, and sessions are competency-based, hands on, and on the go from start to finish with maximum time spent in the water.

We focus on breaking down learning into simple pieces and use easy-to-understand language that zeros in on the needs of each child. Our lessons are always fun and your child will feel safe and happy to explore their limits with their instructor close by.

This program is best delivered over a minimum of four sessions with parents often continuing with after-school sessions all summer long.




Swimming Lessons


1 hour

What Your Child Will Learn

Awareness of how the ocean works

Respect for the ocean environment

How to identify & avoid risks at the beach

How to survive a rip current

Ocean swimming techniques in the waves

An understanding of their limits

How to bodysurf like a pro!

The beach as a fun fitness location

Sarah: I Love Ocean Swimming

We enlisted one of our favourite young OceanFit’ers, Sarah (7), to tell you why she loves ocean swimming with OceanFit, and why she thinks your child will too.

You’ll see just a few of the awesome things your child will do in their OceanFit 4 Kids lessons on Bondi Beach.


"Sarah loved OceanFit and we came back year after year. Swimming out the rip and back through waves, diving off Flat Rock and learning about the sea creatures and beach safety – she loved it all!"

-​ Lizzy Wilson

Our Specialties

Children from 5-years of age

Introducing children to the ocean

Facing up to ocean fears and anxiety

Overcoming a scare and refusal to enter the water

Competitive coaching for ocean swimming

Nippers looking for the edge in surf competition

Eliza: I overcame my fear

After being dumped by a wave in a nipper carnival, Eliza lost all her confidence in the ocean. From that moment every wave looked like it could, and would, dump her again.

But all was not lost, with the help of OceanFit her confidence would come back, and she would start to enjoy the ocean again.


"I would advise parents… if you want your kids to enjoy the water, a beach lifestyle that you can enjoy here in Sydney… it pays to invest some time into developing ocean confidence to get your kids loving the water."

-​ James Twomey

Program Details



1 Child
$90 per lesson

2 Children
$60 each per lesson ($120)

3 Children
$50 each per lesson ($150)

4 Children
$40 each per lesson ($160)


10% discount when booked in the same transaction

Payments are made after your instructor has contacted you and before the first lesson.


1-hour lesson
OceanFit latex swim cap


Bondi Beach

What To Bring

Wetsuit (highly recommended)


Typical Lesson

Meet-up & preparation (5min)
Safety briefing & ocean awareness (5min)
Water & beach experiences (45min)
Lesson review & learnings (5min)

Request A Lesson

Please complete the lesson request form to express interest in OceanFit 4 Kids lessons. An instructor will be in touch to discuss your requirements and plan a lesson schedule.


"I chose OceanFit as I am not a strong swimmer myself and I wanted my 8 yr old daughter to be safe at the beach. We have done about 12 classes and are about to start again next week as it is now one of Ruby’s favourite after school activities. Andre has taught her some amazing skills and valuable information about ocean swimming and how to avoid and also swim through rips, diving through waves, swimming safely off rock areas etc. It has definitely improved her water awareness. I would recommend it for all young children."

-​ Joanne


"The day I watched Sarah (9) and Max (10) float out on a rip past the breakers and swim back in, I knew my kids were learning critical skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives."

-​ Alan & Jaqui


"To be honest, the kids weren’t keen to go (8 and 10), they prefer swimming in pools. The bigger of the two, a boy, came out saying “I didn’t know it was going to be that much fun.” They told us how they learned to dive under waves, how to face sideways into a wave and a bunch of other stuff. It was only one lesson because it’s end of season but we’ll come back and do the four week course next summer. Andre is a nice guy and got on well with the kids. They’re more interested in the beach now and I have more confidence in them being in the waves."

-​ Steve


"Andre had a single timeslot spare at the end of the season so we grabbed our chance. In the space of an hour he took my 7yo daughter and her friends rock-walking, discovering new creatures, and exploring the surf at Nth Bondi. They all loved it. Andre has a really genuine love of the surf, and a fantastic connection with kids, and we will definitely book a full course of his workshops next Spring."

-​ Annie


"We chose OceanFit because we were after more than Nippers at a time which fitted in to the school week. Henry (5) started as a confident swimmer in a pool over 10m. Over the 4 sessions he developed more water confidence and awareness of surf safety and an appreciation of the ocean environment. He really looked forward to every lesson and Andre generated a great rapport with the children. By the end of the month his swimming had improved to 50 m in a pool. We will definitely be coming back for more."

-​ Emillie


Lessons are available during the OceanFit season, which typically runs from October through to March each year.

Lesson availability comes down to instructor availability, as all our instructors hold other jobs as well (we’d love to be full time at the beach!).

Please use the contact form below to make a lesson request and we’ll do our best to team you up with an instructor who can meet your schedule.

When choosing multiple lesson packages, you can choose to have your lessons:

  • On consecutive days
  • Once-a-week
  • At random to fit your schedule

Season runs from 1 Oct to 30 April. Some contact out of season.

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