Adult Private Lessons

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Discover your potential and achieve your goals faster with personalised private ocean swimming lessons with an experienced OceanFit instructor on Bondi Beach.

Your instructor will tailor each lesson to your exact needs and develop a plan that’ll ensure you get the best results – whatever your goal is.

We specialise in developing confidence in open water, overcoming ocean fears and anxieties, right through to high performance ocean swimming lessons.

If you’ve been looking for personalised assistance to reach your goal don’t hesitate in getting started with OceanFit.


For Everyone


50m Swim/1min Tread 



Angelina: I got over a significant fear


"The first time I swam through the waves by myself was hilarious, because my friend Joe was there as well, and Joe and Andre were kind of talking, and I just realised that I’d swam through the waves and I was swimming, I was so excited that I’d done it. It was windy that day as well and it was overcast, and yet I did do it and suddenly I was out there and I wasn’t even scared!"

-​ Angelina Russo

What You Could Learn

Basic beach safety

Reading the ocean as an ocean swimmer

Using rip currents to your advantage

Swimming in and out of a rip

Efficient swimming through the wave zone

Swimming straight

Bodysurfing, basic to advanced

Big surf swimming

Speed, tactics and tricks


These lessons are for all ages and abilities, from entry-level to awesome

Swimming Ability

You can be at any level you please, whether that means skulling, breaststroking or freestyling

50m Swim

You can swim a minimum of 50m non-stop in a pool doing any stroke

1min Tread

You can tread water continuously for a minimum of 1 minutes

Are you a non-swimmer? We suggest starting with pool-based swimming lessons before joining us.

Not sure if you’re at the right level? Contact us

Lesson Details


1 Adult
1-4 lessons, $120/lesson
5+ lessons, $108/lesson (10% disc.)

2 Adults
1-4 lessons, $180/lesson
5+ lessons, $162/lesson (10% disc.)

Payments are made after your instructor has contacted you and before your first lesson. Lessons will only take place once payment has been made, and consent form completed.

Note: To receive the bulk lesson discount for 5+ lessons, all lessons must be purchased in the same transaction.


1-hour lesson
OceanFit silicone swim cap
Post lesson advice and support


Bondi Beach

What To Bring

Sunscreen, hat, long-sleeved shirt
Wetsuit (optional)
Fins (optional)

One or Two

Solo Lesson

Complete personalised attention
The fastest way to achieve results
Lesson times and locations tailored to you

Pair Lesson

Added benefit of training with a friend
A cost effective access to private lessons
Share your journey and support each other

Request A Lesson

Please complete the lesson request form to express interest in adult private lessons. An instructor will be in touch to discuss your requirements and plan a lesson schedule.


Lessons are available during the OceanFit season, which typically runs from October through to March each year.

Lesson availability comes down to instructor availability, as all our instructors hold other jobs as well (we’d love to be full time at the beach!).

Please use the contact form below to make a lesson request and we’ll do our best to team you up with an instructor who can meet your schedule.

When choosing multiple lesson packages, you can choose to have your lessons:

  • On consecutive days
  • Once-a-week
  • At random to fit your schedule

Season runs from 1 Oct to 30 April. Some contact out of season.

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