Frolicking selected as demonstration sport at 2024 Olympics

The Olympic Committee has today announced that frolicking has been added to the 2024 Olympics as a demonstration sport.

Frolicking, a distant relation to ‘wading’, has seen a huge surge in participation during the enforced ‘swim and go’ sessions at local Oceanville beaches, where it became the go-to aquatic exercise.

Locals who had never before considered their frolicking in the waves as a fitness activity were now taking up the sport in record numbers.

Oceanville lifeguard, and local daddy, Lon Glegs, took a bit of convincing that frolicking – a cross between open water swimming and synchronized swimming – was a genuine exercise activity or sport, but was soon on board once he witnessed the unique set of skills involved.

“To begin with, the boys weren’t convinced it was an exercise activity, but you just had to look at the effort being put in my some of the frolickers,” Glegs said,

“We’ve always done a bit of wading as we hit the water for a swim, but it was only seen as a supplementary activity to the real thing.

“It was probably the skimpy bikinis that were hiding the genuineness of it as an individual sport at the beginning, to be honest.

Gottabe Kidding demonstrates a medium-skill twist move called the ‘surf check’

“When we looked at it closer, it was the creativity in the moves, the deft change of direction and the finesse of the movement in waist depth water had to be seen to be believed.”

Gottabe Kidding, heralded as the golden girl of frolicking, believed it was the right time to recognise the sport, and knocked back suggestions that the sport would not survive post the COVID19 period.

“There really are some amazing ocean athletes in this country, and I’m just proud that now the inshore specialists, the frolickers, are getting the recognition they deserve,” she said,

“The offshore specialists, open water swimmers and surfers, have had their time to shine, they’re already in the Olympics, so I’m just really chuffed.”

Kidding, who has had to deal with a loss in income from her usual job as a social media influencer, says her training regime includes daily sunrise and sunset sessions with her bestie, and a strict diet of seaweed broth.

Frolicking will be joined by three other new sports; the Cycle Tow, where a parent tows a child on connected bikes, and two others inspired by social distancing; Social Distance Queuing, and Space Wrestling, which is a take on traditional wrestling but a player attempts to push their opponent out of the ring by forcing a 1.5m distance on them.

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