Swim school safety policy

Each session will have the following minimum safety components:

(1) Safety induction 

Participants will receive a safety induction including a review of the currents conditions at the commencement of the session.

(2) Minimum clothing accessories (water-based)

One or both of the following:

  • A coloured OceanFit rash vest for high visibility and sun protection
  • A bright yellow latex/silicone OceanFit swim cap for high visibility

(3) A warm up & stretch will be conducted at the beginning of each active session

(4) Programs will be run when lifesavers/lifeguards are on patrol, with the following location exceptions:

  • Beaches on wild swimming and training camps
  • Ocean pools
  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Harbour beaches

(5) A visual risk assessment will be conducted before the session to determine the best location to run activities

(6) Activities will be conducted within 250m of the shore line

(7) Instructors will have a first aid kit, mobile phone and access to participant emergency contact information available at all times

(8) The maximum number of participants in an OceanFit group will be 12 participants

Maximum Instructor:Participant ratios:

  • Adult 13+ – 1:6
  • Child (7-12) – 1:4
  • Child (5-6) – 1:2

Ratios may be reduced to match competency of participants.

(9) Instructors will have a piece of rescue equipment (i.e. rescue tube, rescue board, surf ski) with them at all times.

Participant equipment and clothing safety considerations

Every participant is required to wear the following clothing/accessories during OceanFit sessions:

Water-based activities:

  • Participants to wear the swimsuit of their choice
  • In cold water, less than 18°C, full wetsuits are encouraged
  • OceanFit yellow latex/silicone swim cap
  • Goggles are highly recommended, but not compulsory
  • Water resistant sunscreen is suggested.

Land/sand-based activities:

  • Appropriate footwear (if off the sand)
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Sun protective clothing and sunscreen is suggested.

For more information about the OceanFit Swim School Safety Policy contact us.

Last updated: 25 October 2019 | Risk Management Plan 6.0

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