Our teaching philosophy

What we stand for

Serious fun for everyone – All ages and abilities from entry level to awesome.

Evidence‐based content

OceanFit programs content is derived from the latest in evidence‐based research from water safety experts throughout Australia and the world ensuring we stay at the forefront of ocean education.

Aligned to SLSA and SLSNZ

Surf Life Saving Australia and Surf Life Saving New Zealand are the respective peak body’s for ocean safety in each country and OceanFit programs teach ocean safety principles promoted by both organisations.

Experiential learning

OceanFit believes that the best way to learn is to experience what it is you’re learning about.

This means a ‘hand on’ approach to learning activities at all levels, i.e. a controlled float in a rip current, looking for and observing marine creatures in their natural habitat, or testing yourself in different ocean conditions.

OceanFit’s 4 core learning connections

Inherent through all of OceanFit’s educational programs are four core learning connections.

We are passionate about these connections and we ensure participants in OceanFit programs are instilled with a holistic appreciation of the ocean.


Connecting body with the natural power of the ocean


Connecting mind to the energy of the ocean


Connecting with the history and people of the ocean


Connecting with the ocean and coastal eco‐systems