Stanwell Park Ocean Challenge set for return in 2019

If you crave big ocean swimming highs then you’re in luck this season with the return of the Stanwell Park Ocean Challenge on Saturday 3 March 2019.

Hosted by the Stanwell Park SLSC and last swum in 2016 – before a lack of club resources forced cancellations in 2017 and 2018 – the ‘epic’ 2.3km point to point swim is the jewel in the southern Sydney crown.

The course starts at the beautiful Coalcliff Beach and runs north along the foot of the Illawarra Escarpment to Stanwell Park, taking swimmers over incredible reefs and sea life.

With spectacular views along the coast coming from your left, you will need to breathe that way to be able to take in all its glory, so for those not strong on the left, now is the time to start practising.

These types of wild ‘open water’ swims outside protected bays are few and far between in NSW so you will be tested both physically and mentally in what is a true ocean swim challenge.

The water temps south of Sydney can also be 1-3 degrees cooler… adding yet another string to the bow of this event.

If the bay swims around the buoys are starting to feel a little bit ‘so what’ then circle the 3 March 2019 and lock in a swim that you’ll feel proud to boast about for a long while after.


Stanwell Park is the perfect destination for a weekend away. Head there a couple of days before or stay after the swim to enjoy everything the area has to offer.

With beautiful beaches like Stanwell Park and Coalcliff, the seaside town is complete for the whole family to appreciate.

You can take a short walk to Madden Falls for breathtaking views of the waterfall running into the pools below, or escape into a number of exciting and fun trails the area has to offer.

The Forest walk to Sublime Point track is amazing, lacing through cliff-top rainforest and dry eucalyptus. The Wodi Wodi walking track is another incredible hike.

To get there, catch the train to Stanwell Park station via the Illawarra Line, or drive.

If you drive from Sydney you can take the tourist drive through Royal National Park, or head straight down the Princes Motorway (M1) for the most direct route.

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