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The most important thing that I check before I go to a beach

Below is a aerial picture of Bondi and with a little bit of help there is a compass and the seasonal predominate wind’s superimposed on there.

So why is the wind the most important thing I check before I go to the beach?

All of these things below are affected by the wind. Are there any that are important to you when you are at the Beach?

  • Where will be comfortable to sit on the beach? Or even which is the best beach to go to?
  • Will it be cold or hot? Wind chill can make a big difference I’d estimate between 5 and 8 degree’s celsius on a windy day
  • Will there be blue bottles? You’re unlikely to get stung by a blue bottle at Bondi if the wind has been blowing North East for a couple of days.
  • What the water temperature could be like? (Do you know what the Coriolis Effect is?)
  • What the waves might be doing? Wind not only creates waves, but affects how they perform as well, i.e. onshore/offshore winds
  • What time to go to the beach? The wind has a lot to do with the weather if its middle of summer and there is a 25 knot sou’easter forecast you know there is a big chance that we are in for some bad weather (get to the beach early)

My personal favourite is in winter to duck down to the south corner of Bondi and although it’s probably only 21 or 22 degree’s it’s fully protected from the winter winds and is glorious when the sun is shining.

So get to know your beach, local winds and their affect on the beach environment. Put a little thought in to your next trip and enjoy the benefits a bit of planning will have on your beach experience.

My favourite wind forecasting sites:




Dean Gladstone

Dean Gladstone

Dean is a professional lifeguard and star of Bondi Rescue, holistic lifestyle coach (PT) and former champion surf swimmer.


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