Being hands-on beats the heebie jeebies

The ocean is full of creepy crawlies that give beachgoers the heebie-jeebies.

These are the ugly looking critters that tickle, poke, sting and nip. They freak you out, make your heart skip a beat and send your breathing rate into a teenage girl frenzy.

Seaweed, crabs and jellyfish seem to cause the most grief.

But what are you worried about?

It’s amazing how many people are scared of something they’ve never really experienced. There’s so much anxiety built up in what an encounter “might be’ like.

Take bluebottles for example.

The chances are you completely fear being stung by a bluebottle. Friends have told you it’s painful, you’ve read about worst-case scenarios, and you don’t want a bar of it.

That’s no way to enjoy the ocean, how can you ever feel comfortable and relaxed?

At OceanFit we’re all about being up close and personal, experiencing the ocean and marine life first-hand. So what’s our advice? We want you to get stung, and the sooner the better, thank you.

Why? We’re not cruel, we’d just rather you experience the sting and find out that it’s not as bad as you thought it was*. I’ll tell you what, you won’t quite fear them the same after that.

Don’t stop there, get hands-on with seaweed and crabs too; make a seaweed wig and chase crabs around the rocks.

You don’t have to love the creepy crawlies, but I’ll guarantee you’ll enjoy the ocean more if you’ve experienced all these things first hand.

*So sometimes you get a nastier sting than usual, but that’s ok isn’t it – who wants to live their life thinking about the worst that can happen?! Not me.

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