Why I wear Vorgee’s Missile and Vortech goggles

It’s no surprise that I only wear Vorgee goggles, OceanFit has had a nine-year partnership with Vorgee stretching right back to when OceanFit was launched in 2009.

Why did I choose Vorgee way back in the beginning? There were two things that stood out,

  1. They are an Australia owned and operated business, based out of Queensland, and everyone who works there is passionate about developing amazing products for swimmers, and
  2. Their range of goggles is second to none, and their commitment to innovation is delivering swimmers technically superior goggles year after year.

Like all goggle brands, Vorgee has a large range of goggles for recreational to competitive swimmers, with faces of all shapes and sizes.

So, why did I choose the Missile and the Vortech as my two favourite goggles?

Vorgee Missile

The Vorgee Missile is a goggle that is widely copied by other brands for one good reason, it’s the best.

I like them because they are a low profile design, meaning they sit neatly tucked inside my eye socket. When I’m diving at full speed into the water, or flying down the face of a wave body surfing, they will remain on my face because there is no lip for the water to catch and tear them off.

They’re a two-piece goggle, which means you can switch out different sized nose pieces to get the correct fit on your face.

The silicone eye seals are comfortable, and the double head straps can be adjusted easily and spread across the top and bottom of the back of your head. This is great because if you’re taking on some big surf, you’ll want them tight and secure.

When it comes to choosing a lens, I switch between three out of six options. I wear the clear lens in the indoor pool and on low-light days at the beach (and early mornings), the tinted/silver/rainbow lens for outdoor sunny days, and then on those brightest blue sky days, I wear the Eclipse Metallic lens.

If you’re looking for a goggle that will stand up to the tough ocean environment, stay on when you’re swimming in and out of the surf zone, and look fantastic to boot, then you really can’t go past the Vorgee Missile range.


  • Low profile, will stick to your face when diving and bodysurfing
  • Double adjustable head straps and soft eye seals so you can comfortably tighten
  • Range of funky colours so you look awesome in the ocean


  • A narrow range of vision due to a smaller lens
  • The price you pay to have your goggles snug is that they can leave goggle marks on soft skin

Vorgee Vortech

For me, the Vorgee Vortech is the perfect accompaniment to the Missile.

The Vortech is a soft lightweight one-piece goggle with a quick-fit strap that’s larger than the Missile, but not too large (there is a larger Vortech Max option).

Unlike the Missile, this goggle will sit outside your eye socket (not in it), so it will sit off your face a little. This means I don’t tend to wear them bodysurfing, but for everything else they are fantastic.

The curved lens gives you wide-angle vision of up to 140 degrees, so you technically get to see more in your peripheral vision – great if you’re keeping a close eye out for oncoming waves, or enjoying the fish underneath you.

I love the Vortech’s for my pool training, and when I’m off on a longer open water swim.

Like the Missile, I keep a range of lens available. The clear lens for the pool and low light days, and as of this season, the polarised lens for all outdoor swimming. You really can’t beat the polarised lens for clarity and to eliminate any glare from the sun on the water. Once you’ve worn the polarised, you won’t be able to go back to a “normal’ lens!

If you’re looking for a comfortable one-piece goggle that will look after you in the surf and the pool, then look no further than the Vorgee Vortech.


  • Very soft and comfortable, especially on soft skin
  • Great range of vision with the larger curved lens
  • The polarised lens is as good as a lens gets


  • They will sit off your face a little, so can get stripped off when speeding down a wave

What’s in Andre’s goggle bag?

To be prepared for all types of light, water conditions and activity, I have the following five goggles in my bag at all times (click goggle to purchase now):

  • Missile – Clear lens
  • Missile – Mirrored lens
  • Vortech – Clear lens
  • Vortech – Polarised lens

Four pairs of goggles might seem a bit much for the average ocean swimmer, but when you consider ocean swimming is a very cheap sport, usually consisting of only a swimsuit and goggles, four pairs isn’t that outrageous!

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