Tow Float Elite (Swim Secure)


This high visibility performance tow float features an external mesh pocket to hold nutrition and a small water bottle.

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Access nutrition while in the water with the versatile Tow Float Elite, a ‘performance’ version of the basic tow float.

This high visibility tow float features an external mesh pocket to hold nutrition, a small water bottle or those all-important jelly babies.

The Elite features a perimeter rope to make holding the float easier while accessing the contents of the mesh bag. The hydrodynamic shape results in virtually zero drag and the air valves are high up the float to further reduce friction.

With marathon and endurance swims becoming more popular the Elite is the perfect way to access hydration and nutrition during a swim and to safely store empty packaging.

PLEASE NOTE: Heavy items like water bottles may cause the Elite to flip pocket-side down. Your belongings will be safe inside. To minimise the likelihood of this happening space contents evenly in the pocket, towards the sides and bottom if possible.


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