Stretching can be a bore, but it's crucial if you want to reduce injuries and stay fresh.

Not everyone likes stretching, it can seem like a nuisance and it’s the first to get the boot from a training session when you’re time-poor.

During your challenge it’s recommended that you stretch before and after every training session, be it after a swimming session, a core workout or a cross-training workout.

In this lesson you’ll learn how to conduct a dynamic upper body/shoulder stretch.

Learn to love to stretch!

Take your stretching further by taking a yoga or Pilates class, your body will love you for it.


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Side hover rotation

In this lesson you will learn how to perform the side hover rotation core exercise as part of a core strength workout for ocean swimmin.

Squat pulse

In this lesson you will learn how to perform the squat pulse exercise as part of a strength and conditioning workout for ocean swimming.

Static stretching

In this lesson you’ll learn a simple static stretching routine you can perform after your warm up or on completion of your ocean swimming training.

Core workout #1

Strengthen and stabilise your core for ocean swimming with this beginner-level core workout choreographed to music by Emily Gillies.

Season runs from 1 Oct to 30 April. Some contact out of season.

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